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A beaten-down dirt hiking trail in a lush green forest with a wooden fence.

Your Guide to Garland Ranch Regional Park

If you, like many visitors and locals in Carmel Valley, are yearning to take advantage of the beautiful California weather, you’ll want to begin by using this guide to Garland Ranch Regional Park. This mountainous haven was Monterey district’s very first parkland acquisition when it was purchased in 1975 and has continued to offer the community a place to explore and escape.

Garland Ranch Regional Park provides hikers, horseback riders, fisher people, photographers, picnicking, birders, painters, mountain bikers, and even geocachers the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and adventure with more than 4,000 acres of wildlife and interpretive trails for all hikers. The park is also dog-friendly along many hiking trails, offers off-leash areas for your fur family to roam free, and specially designed water fountains for you and your furry friends to rehydrate.

Garland Ranch Waterfall & Siesta Point

This easy-to-moderate Garland Ranch Waterfall circular hike is 2 miles long and takes about 49 minutes to complete. The trail is easy enough to bring your young ones along while being challenging enough to give you an excellent workout for the day. Along the way, you’ll most likely encounter other hikers, joggers, and even horseback riders, as it is the most popular trail in the park. It is open year-round and offers areas to let your dog be off-leash as long as they remain in your site and can obey voice commands.

Cottonwood to Maple Canyon

Following the most popular trail is an equally favorite, moderately intense hike, the Cottonwood to Maple Canyon trail. It is a little more than 4 miles and takes almost 2 hours to complete. Many have found the first 2 miles to be the most challenging as it includes the most elevation, but it leads into a perfect location to rest under trees and stop for bird-watching. You’ll also be congratulated by a refreshing drinking fountain when you reach the peak of the hike before the walk back down.

Redwood Canyon Trail

Coming in at #3 on the list is the Redwood Canyon trail, a favorite for many as it starts out walking through a winding, shady oak grove. Past the grove of oaks, you’re welcomed by a towering patch of Redwoods encircled by a bubbling stream. The trail leads you to various views, from the vast Carmel Valley to the surrounding rolling hills and peaking mountains. The incline along the trail provides a great cardio workout, and the multiple creeks you pass over to allow you or your four-legged friends to cool off if needed. The path is also a favorite for many horseback riders and birdwatchers.

This guide to Garland Ranch Regional Park will help you regardless of your preferred activity.

  • Capturing photographs of the wildlife and gorgeous rustic landscape,
  • Embarking on a challenging hike,
  • Jogging through the hills of Carmel Valley, or
  • Taking your dog on a new adventure.

There’s something for everyone’s enjoyment! Afterward, drive back to your personal oasis at Carmel Valley Lodge. Choose from a comfy CA King or Queen bed guestroom and sink into the luxurious linens for a well-deserved rest. Book a room now to embark on your next excursion!


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