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Top 5 Things to Do in Monterey Bay CA

Summer is in full swing and has everyone eager to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. What better way to make the most of your summer than by heading to sunny California and engaging in some exciting activities on the water? That’s why we’ve put together the top 5 things to do in Monterey Bay, CA for you and your loved ones to enjoy this summer. Top it off with an overnight stay at Carmel Valley Lodge, just 30 minutes from the Bay.


1. Kayaking in Monterey Bay

There’s something about the rhythmic paddling across the water and the exploration of places impossible to reach on foot that feeds your body and soul. That’s why we know you’ll love kayaking on Monterey Bay. During your relaxing excursion, you might see sea otters, seals, sea lions, kelp beds, and possibly dolphins!

There are many companies in the Bay area that rent out kayaks and supplies. They also offer guided tours and lessons. Here are a few to choose from:

2. Monterey Bay Scuba Diving

Are you somebody who loves adventure? Are you a seasoned diver or is scuba diving on your bucket list? Either way, Monterey Bay is chock full of diving opportunities for the beginner and the pro. Check this exciting water sport off your summer to-do list or your dream bucket list by taking advantage of the many Monterey Bay scuba diving opportunities.

Monterey Bay is a world-class diving paradise and gives you a chance to see an abundance of local and migrating wildlife such as jellyfish, sea otters, harbor seals, anemones, corals, starfish, sea cucumbers, and a large variety of fish. Whales, porpoises, dolphins, and certain sharks can be seen during their correlating migrations. Here are a few companies to get you started.

Sailing vessels in Monterey Bay

3. Monterey Bay Cruises

Let your summer dreams set sail on an exciting or relaxing cruise along the coast. Boating is a unique way to get outdoors and connect with nature while making lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re sailing into the sunset or chartering the waves in search of wildlife, you’ll be thoroughly enthralled being out on the water around Monterey Bay.

There are many types of boating people enjoy, such as sailing at sunset, cruising on a catamaran, or bird watching on a single-hull vessel. Here are some local businesses to help get your boating plans afloat.

4. Monterey Fishing Charters

Many fishermen would agree that fishing is both a sport and a way of life. So if that’s your philosophy, you’ll be nothing short of allured by the deep sea sport fishing that ensues every day off of Monterey Bay.

Both of these suggested companies fittingly launch from Old Fisherman’s Wharf and offer rentable gear and a one-day fishing license. While out on the deep blue you’ll have the chance to catch salmon, rock cod, Dungeness crab, sand dabs, squid, mackerel, halibut, albacore and more depending on the season. Start planning your fishing excursion today

Tail fin of a whale and other sea life in Monterey Bay

5. Monterey Whale Watching

Wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine said, “To have a huge, friendly whale willingly approach your boat and look you straight in the eye is, without doubt, one of the most extraordinary experiences on the planet.” And we couldn’t agree more. This is why we made sure to include this popular activity on our list of things to do during your stay near Monterey.

Venturing out on the Bay of Monterey allows you the possibility of seeing humpbacks, blue whales, orcas, the northern right-whale, 6 species of dolphins, jellyfish, otters, sea lions, a variety of seabirds, and even the giant ocean sunfish. You won’t want to miss a glance at these gorgeous gentle giants. Here’s a list of the top whale-watching businesses in our area.

These top 5 things to do in Monterey Bay, CA are the perfect way to make a splash during your summer vacation. Just imagine spending the day laughing and exploring on the water, happily tired from the warm sunshine, and “coming home” to Carmel Valley Lodge. Our comfy accommodations and essential amenities will be the cherry-on-top to your perfect summer day. Book now!


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