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Fall Getaway in Carmel Valley with Our Guests in Mind

What a summer we’ve had here. A pandemic, fires and ever-changing regulations from various entities. We are all really ready for a glorious, relaxing fall season. As any Californian knows, the warm days and cool nights of September and October are the best season to be outdoors. Summer’s scorching heat is a thing of the past and the long days before daylight savings time sets in are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Here is the perfect fall getaway in Carmel Valley with guests in mind.

Since the pandemic, guests have been really appreciative to finally get away and relax in our safe environment. We expect the same will hold true of our fall guests, as many people are expressing a real need to just get away for a change of scenery and escape the daily drama that’s unfolding in so many aspects of our lives.Small breakfast with a pastry, yogurt and granola, orange, apple, apple juice, and coffee in white porcelain dishes sitting on rod iron table on patio

Although the beautiful Carmel Valley is usually a destination for people from throughout the world, this summer we’re finding most of our guests are visiting from homes within driving
distance, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area and sometimes even from Los Angeles. Because it’s California, cars and lifestyle are intertwined so a staycation within driving distance from home is no big deal. Although this is not the traditional vacation plan some people have, it is great to see Californians enjoying their home turf.

To that end, at Carmel Valley Lodge we’ve been working hard and investing in many upgrades to enhance the hotel experience for our guests.

  • Our three-acre property with its gardens and pool has lots of room to roam, and our outdoor furniture has been spaced for social-distancing. Although many guests seem to also enjoy reading a book or even doing some work on their private patios adjacent to their rooms. (This new work environment has certainly upended the concept of what constitutes an office!)
  • To support the increased WiFi demand, we upgraded our system. Although the financial investment was a challenge during these unprecedented times, the upgrade was worth it to ensure all guests have access to the high-speed service they need while on our property.
  • We’ve purchased the well-regarded and eco-friendly Comphy linens for our rooms. These sheets, known for their softness, originally were used in luxurious spas. These microfiber linens were so popular, it wasn’t long before they migrated into the hospitality industry. They’ve been a big hit with guests.
  • The pool continues to be a refreshing after a day exploring new sites or spending time at the nearby beaches. Of course, here too social distancing is enforced.

We’ve also expanded our getaway opportunities. In September, we’re even offering a three-night getaway for the price of two nights. It seems once folks get here, they really want to stay longer. Whether a family, couple, friends or the solo traveler, a change of scenery is so welcome we wanted to make it a bit more accessible. We’ve all been through a lot, so it’s important to be there for each other.

To claim your three nights for the price of two simply enter the code NO KIDDING when booking or give us a call at 831-659-2261.

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